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Why a bespoke kitchen?
A bespoke kitchen from KPS is designed to meet your requirements and is made to fit the available space. We do not have to work within the constraints of standard unit sizes and can therefore maximise the space available. We can manufacture our units to unusual shapes and sizes, ensuring your new kitchen fits into the area with the minimum of wasted space and to a design that works around you and your lifestyle
What are they constructed from?
All of our kitchen can be made from a variety of materials, from manufactured boards to solid timber, the choice is yours.

We manufacture the majority of our carcasses from laminated pine boards or A grade birch Ply, as this gives a good level of stability and resistance to water when treated with a high quality lacquer.

For the kitchen fronts the choices are endless, from veneered boards to solid timber, we will advise and plan with you for the perfect combination to create a beautiful and functional kitchen.

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It is a common misconception a bespoke handmade kitchen will be far more expensive than an off the shelf product. With a kitchen from KPS this is not the case, we can work within most reasonable budgets to produce a kitchen far superior to mass produced items.
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